Brooke Scudder Andrews is the author of The Colors of Paris and a children's book illustrator. Her whimsical, colorful artwork has appeared in a major movie and is widely published on over 25 books with major publishers, such as Harper Collins, Simon and Schuster, Pearson, Scholastic, Harper Collins and Chronicle Books. While living and working in Paris and the San Francisco Bay Area, she's also worked with the worlds top award winning advertising clients, such as Landor, Saatchi and Saatchi, Olgivy and Mather and BBDO and editorial clients, Forbes, Le Monde and Islands Magazine. 

Brooke has taught art and illustration in the San Francisco Bay Area at University Programs and Art Centers, SCBWI Children's Book conferences and other writers conferences. Brooke's novel earned her a certificate writing degree from the Stanford Writers Studio. She captains a tennis team, loves to travel and go on hikes with her dog, Jack. She now works privately as a Creative Spirit Coach and leads Creativity Workshops in France. What her students said..