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About the France Travel Journal Workshop 

Feast your eyes and palate on the beautiful colors, hear the music of the French language, savor the French cuisine, and visit the hangouts and homes of Matisse, Renoir and Chagall, and get inspired!

We combine a luxuriously appointed lodging in an enchanting medieval village with an illustrators tour, where you learn to notice and paint the stories around you. You become immersed and see with painters eyes.  Painting sessions will include on site painting in the beautiful town as well as nearby excursions that provide an immersive experience with Medieval era architecture and history.

This plein air tour is located in the Cote d'Azur, in the South of France, providing guests with stunning springtime views of the Bay of Angels and tiny authentic medieval villages, each irresistible, enthralling sources of inspiration and fascination; the whimsical, the magical and the memorable. 

These villages and light inspired Matisse, Chagall and Renoir, to name a few of the many artists who lived in an area.

The painting sessions will be facilitated by Brooke Andrews an American watercolorist  based near San Francisco with over 20 years as a professional illustrator and workshop instructor. Painting and illustrating in watercolor is her specialty, and her experience and teaching style have helped numerous students achieve wonderful results with this medium. 


Guests can expect to observe helpful demonstrations and receive individualized 

instruction to achieve beautiful paintings with visual impact. Please, also note: a certain level of physical activity is involved in the daily outdoor sessions & excursions. 

 Beginners with no experience are most welcome as well as seasoned artists

Here are 12 Benefits to Travel  Journalling in France with Brooke: 

1 Nourishing Your Soul

You may have a creative expression or idea that you’ve been putting off, somehow never finding the time to address it. Maybe you’re on a quest to explore deeper meaning within your life. Perhaps you seek the perspective of like minds or desire to refine your thoughts about your work.


2 Breathing space to address your creative desires.

You’re in a new environment where you can stop everything you’re currently doing and explore new ideas, beliefs, experiences and connections. You explore fresh ideas and open creative channels from your renewed vision.


3 The luxury of time to focus on your expression in a supportive environment.

You will not be distracted by work or old habits because the experience is planned to keep you engaged on YOU and your art.


4 Research reveals that art retreats are healthier for you than a classic vacation.

By being mindful and focusing you actually become more focused. Connecting the mind, the heart and the eye is good for you. Creative expression puts you in THE FLOW. 


5. Renewal

One of the sole purposes of a retreat is to help you gain the renewed version of yourself that you seek.  What better place than France? The South of France!!! Our watercolor retreat is located in a beautiful environment that offer the best space and time for you to step out of your normal routine and have a wonderful time- not to mention the French cuisine, history, museums, beauty of this area. 


6. Authentic Awe and Expression touches base with your deepest self.

You gently reclaims parts of you that have been pushed back or ignored during your regular day to day life. You feel the fullness of your entire being. 


7. Tickle your creative soul.

In comparison to a regular vacation, our watercolor retreat is intentional. Located in a magically beautiful location saturated with the Impressionists that lived there, they naturally encourage an engaged state while simultaneously offering activities and explorations to tickle your creative soul.


8. Like-Minded Inspiration

Watercolor Journaling retreats attract people with similar interests and concerns. They offer you the opportunity to create lifelong friendships and unforgettable memories. As you surround yourself with those who grapple with their own predicaments and goals, you inevitably gain a new support system who can help you reach your goals and encourage you along your life and creative journey.


9. Become New by New Eyes. Through this experience you gain a deeper sense of belonging and acceptance in this world.

If you are new to watercolor or journal sketching – we all are- we are all beginners if we want to see fresh. There is a place of starting where it might take some getting used to adding the washes, laying in the foundation and then details. But after a few minutes you are in the flow and it becomes an amazing experience. You enter the creative zone! 

You realize that you’re not alone.


10. Authorship

On a deep level, attending a creative retreat is an act of staking a claim for yourself as a creator. You’re stating to the world that you’re creative you value your work and you’re investing time, energy and resources in your growth. You also own your life and your creations as you learn that you can draw your desires and give life to them.


11. Confidence

Whether you’re at the beginning of your art journey or you’re an established professional, it boils down to one thing: trusting yourself and your journey in art. This comes with actually doing a new thing and having the beauty tucked and hidden deep inside yourself bared to the world. Love letters from your soul come out in watercolors when you are lost in the journey of the colors.


11. France loves artists.

Artists are respected in a way you don't see in the US, so we belong and are welcomed. If you buy a coffee or a glass of wine, you own the seat and the table for as long as you like. I like cafe's that well situated around great scenes.


12. The Fun Begins!

You will be offered clear guidance on how to organize and design pages of your own. Then the real fun begins! With pencil, ink and watercolor, you’ll sketch and paint several pages in your own sketchbook using what you’ve learned. Before long, you’ll be seeing your world through new eyes as you record the everyday things of life in your sketchbook journal. 

Remember this: You are worth it to go on a totally fun creative retreat that fills your heart and soul and nourishes your whole life. 

Life is too short to delay your dreams

And finally, you say, “Yes, I’m doing this”.


Remember this: You are worth it to go on a totally fun creative retreat that fills your heart and soul and nourishes your whole life. 

Get on Board!