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Payment and Cancellation Policy


Price $3775.00 

Price $3575.00 if deposit is paid before November 15, 2019

$695.00 Single supplement 

The payment is required to hold your Watercolor Workshop on French Riviera place.  Due to factors, such as exchange rates, Brooke Scudder Illustration guarantees a trip price only after receiving the deposit and reservation form. 

If you need to make a payment plan, then send all predated checks after permission from Brooke.

If you cancel the trip: Cancellation Fee per Person:

If you paid the early bird price of 2275.00 it is non-refundable after November 14, 2019

For the regular payment of 3775.00 - or before November 15 3575.00

More than 90 days before departure some of the deposit may be forfeited   (Your whole payment returned minus $500.00 fees)

61-90 days before departure 50% of total cost forfeited

31-60 days before departure 75% of total cost forfeited

0-30 days before departure 100% of total cost forfeited

Responsibility and Release of Liability
Brooke Scudder Illustration has the right to cancel a tour up to 3 months prior to departure if there are too few participants. Brooke Scudder Illustration's liability would be limited to a full refund all money paid to her,  but will not be responsible for expenses incurred in preparation for any canceled trips, such as airline tickets or trip insurance.  

Your passport can't expire September 2020 or earlier. If it does, get it renewed soon!  (takes 3 weeks to get a new passport)

If a traveler doesn't receive her/his traveling documents (passport and/or visa) in time for the trip, Brooke Scudder Illustration will not reimburse any monies to the traveler. BSI reserves the right to decline, accept or retain at any time, any person as a participant of a tour or to remove any traveler from a tour should Brooke S. Andrews determine that the traveler is disruptive to the tour. In that event or if a traveler voluntarily chooses to leave a tour or chooses not to paint on the tour although he signed up as a painter, Brooke S. Andrews will not refund any monies to the traveler. If a traveler causes any damages, she/he is the sole person responsible for payment. 

Guest must be at least 18 years old. BSI s expressly limits its performance to the delivery of a trip with accompanying food, lodging and some ground transportation from site to site. BSI  reserves the right to substitute the specified accommodation of the tour with one of equal or greater standing. Brooke S. Andrews expressly excludes all other guarantees and warranties.

BSI will not be responsible for any direct or indirect consequential damages or injury that may result from the trip. The customer is completely responsible for all actions, and agrees to hold harmless BSI  for any accident or injury. BSI  is not responsible for Acts of God or acts of war/terrorism, and the customer agrees to hold harmless BSI for any accident or injury resulting from the same, or because of any force majeure. 

BSI  assumes no responsibility or liability for any claims, expenses, injury, delay, inconvenience, irregularity, loss or damage to person or property or additional costs resulting directly or indirectly from causes that include but are not limited to fire, acts of government, theft, delays, cancellations, irregularity, weather, epidemic, vehicle traffic, strikes, illness or accident incurred in any manner including transportation. BSI is not liable for changes in program or inconvenience due to strikes, weather, cancellations or any circumstances that could disturb in the carrying of any arrangements. 

Brooke cannot guarantee to be able to provide for other specific diets such as vegan, gluten free, kosher, etc... However.. she is gluten - free, so we will always have gluten free options! Again.. no guarantees. Let us know your allergies and diet rules, and we'll make the best meals possible. We will respect Vegetarians! 


Travel insurance is a must
. You must show proof to be on this trip.  BSI will not be responsible for costs incurred due to travel delays, flight cancellation, illness or trip cancellation.  Either buy it from CSA or similar company or show proof of your existing insurance. 


Any physical disability requiring any special attention must be reported when the reservation is made knowing that the tour is not suitable for people with walking or breathing disabilities. BSI reserves the right to remove any traveler from a tour should BSI determine that the traveler cannot meet the physical requirements of the tour stated in the itinerary. The traveler will not be refunded any monies. 

Use of Traveler Images 
Photographs and video taken by BSI during the trips are the property of BSI and may be used in promotional materials. Any traveler who does not wish to have his/her photograph used must notify BSI in writing no later than the beginning of the tour. 

Cancellation Policy

If Brooke Scudder Illustration cancels You get a full refund.  

You may digitally sign this on the previous page or if you are mailing checks, print this page and sign it and mail it with your check.








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